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This is my technology face. (Click on the “stamp-like” icon at the top of this post if you don’t see the photo.)

I am so overwhelmed by it all that I really want to go back to a time when we scrawled our messages on the walls of caves.  I can draw a pretty mean bison, but am helpless to unlock my iPhone when Siri gets pissed at me.  (And recently, Ted brought “Alexa” home—another sultry-voiced cyber-siren.)

Anyway, I am in search of a WordPress expert.  Please text, email, or call me if you can hook me up.  I would like to hire someone to manage my website and be on hand to help fix the inevitable glitches that pop up from time to time—like every time I log on.  Ha!

My glitch du jour is a big one.  It seems that the pop-up on my blog that should allow you to subscribe to my stories was never functional.  This means that if you tried to sign up in response to the pop-up, though it said you were subscribed, you weren’t.  Only those of you who signed up using the stationary prompt to the right of the post were added to the list of subscribers.  I apologize for this inconvenience and am working today to have the problem repaired.

Everyone who signs up gets a response by email immediately, asking you to confirm the email address you entered.  If you never received that email, you weren’t subscribed.  All of that said, it is only the pop-up that hasn’t worked.  The other prompt works fine.  So, if you did not receive that confirmation email or if you do not receive an email every Wednesday from me introducing a new story, you’re not yet on the list.

This is important because in the weeks prior to my publication date (October 1, 2016) I’m going to be giving away some books and other cool stuff, and I will be communicating all of that to subscribers on my blog during the book launch.  Info about book signings, publication parties, and book club appearances will also be available to subscribers.  So, please, go to the stationary prompt to the right of this post (or bottom, if you’re reading on an iPhone) that says “Sign up for a new story every week!” and enter your email address, and respond to the email asking you to confirm that address.  That’s all there is to it.   Contact me if you have any questions.

And again, I’m so sorry for the glitch.  Here’s a drawing of a bison for your trouble.

bison cave painting






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