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            Yes!  Long slender legs! At last!  I love it. I’m not sure how I feel about the itty-bitty head though. 

            This is about as close as I get to shooting selfies these days.  I’m not all that excited about my looks; and therefore, I don’t expect you to be either.  Don’t get me wrong; I … Read More

It was vaguely familiar—and excruciating—that bleary awakening just a couple of hours after going to bed, to a vise clamped to my pounding head, preventing the pain from escaping into the pillow I seemed to be trying to suffocate myself with.  I was suddenly overcome with a rabid thirst—and challenged with the daunting task of reaching for my Yeti cup of … Read More

Now for the part everyone is going to hate me for…

To have been told in last month’s post (I am a Rectangle) to add something new to your lifestyle (quicker, fast-twitch movements when you work out; cross-training in and out of the gym; interval, weight-bearing exercises) in order to get the results you’re after, is one thing. That went over … Read More

And I really thought I wouldn’t be.  I was sure that if I watched my weight, stayed really active, and took my vitamins, I could avoid becoming a rectangle.  It’s really one of my least favorite geometric shapes.  (Though I don’t like trapezoids much either.)

But alas, I am becoming more rectangular by the day, and I weigh the same as … Read More

Hi, I’m Sharla, and I’m a Recovering Gravitophobic

I’ve recently achieved a sort of grudging détente with my bathroom scale.  I went more than 15 years without voluntarily weighing myself.  When I’d be forced to do it at my doctor’s office, I would stand on the scale with my back to the numbers and tell the nurse I didn’t want to Read More