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Things that make you go, ahhh…

That’s my ulterior motive, just so you know—to make you go ahhh…   I hope to calm you down before your day shakes you up.  (How am I doing?)

I rise every morning before dawn, eager to see what the morning brings, because I now know, despite the quotidian routine of my mornings—teeth-brushing, bed-making, coffee … Read More

           I started crying in the middle of an exercise class I was teaching Wednesday.  I thought I had gotten it over with—driving over the bridge on the way there—but music has a way of squeezing out every last bit of emotion—and when that old Four Tops song, Reach Out, I’ll Be There, started playing, I … Read More

I didn’t know it at the time, for my friend wasn’t one to advertise such things, but the doctors told her that two years would be pushing it.  Her lungs were shutting down—that’s why she was having such a hard time catching her breath, why that nagging cough wouldn’t go away, why she was so exhausted. 

They called it pulmonary … Read More

I am writing these words awaiting the sunrise—as I often do.  Only it is tomorrow today on the balcony of my room overlooking Trinity Bay on the Northeast Coast of Australia.  Sharla-Dawn-at-dawn again, but from the other side of the world. 

Anyone who knows me (or who has read my book) knows that I have always loved to travel.  I left … Read More

Every year at Christmas I have written a letter—a love letter of sorts—to a group of women whom I would be lost without.  Truly, they have often been my reason for showing up in life, when I’d really rather hide out in that dark little room under the stairs.

We’ve been exercising together at the same gym (Gulf Breeze Aerobics Read More