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Things that make you go, ahhh…

That’s my ulterior motive, just so you know—to make you go ahhh…   I hope to calm you down before your day shakes you up.  (How am I doing?)

I rise every morning before dawn, eager to see what the morning brings, because I now know, despite the quotidian routine of my mornings—teeth-brushing, bed-making, coffee … Read More

And it’s damn near impossible to get by “just upon a smile” these days.  No, we’re finding we need sandbags and evacuation plans,  a flak jacket and a fake news filter, a tough skin and a soft heart—and most of all, a sense of humor and a strong faith. 

I, for one, am absolutely overwhelmed with all that is going on … Read More

or  Funny-Shit-That-Happens-When-You’re-Trying-Too-Hard

or  Humiliation is Best Served Funny

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so pitiful. 

Actually, I’m determined this morning, to somehow make it hilarious in the telling.  It’s either gonna be that, or humiliating.  I get to choose.  I choose A.  I’m not sure how I’m gonna get there from here at this point—my ego … Read More

This story did not make the final cut for my book, though I think that it is Ted’s favorite.  He is really impressed by the way I “argue my case” with such conviction and humor.  I convinced him some 23 years ago, maybe I can convince others today.

The story didn’t make the cut because my editor, who is not a Read More