Sharla Dawn Gorder

Writer – Speaker

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What Readers Have to Say

“Powerful and as always, leaves you hungry for more. Every paragraph had me smiling, giggling, or squirming with “She caught me red-handed!”



“So witty and so human in this piece… grabbed my attention and made me want to read the whole book.”



“Rarely do you find writing so honest, relatable, touching, funny and sad all wrapped up in one delightful story. Sharla’s writing makes you smile, squirm, laugh and cry. You will see parts of yourself in all of these masterfully told stories.”



“Her stories are cathartic, emotional, thoughtful, honest and raw in a way that is admirable, never pitiful.  Followed quickly by disappointment that the next page is blank.”



“She writes with a realism that’s uncanny. It’s what people don’t even know they thought, or they thought and didn’t know how to say. I could see, feel, and HEAR the dialog as I read!”



“A reader will silently shout to themselves, ‘Sharla knows!'”

– Jodie


“She makes our shadow or less-conscious parts of ourselves funny. The vulnerability, the humor, the honesty… will make any reader love her.”

-Karen W.


“My thoughts as I read were feelings of great relief over my own eccentricities.”